Decca Lighting was established with one goal in mind: To provide light when needed. 

Smart homes and energy saving in private homes has been in focus for many for a long time.

At the same time, street and road lighting is on all night, even though there are no people or traffic nearby. Our parent company, Decca Technology AS, wanted to do something about it. Thus, they created Decca Lighting in 2016.

Decca Lighting is already a well established company and we supply smart and functional outdoor lighting. Through our British partner, ASD Lighting, we use LED luminaires exclusively and have a wide range of luminaires for both roads and parks.

Our main focus areas are energy-effecient lighting of roads, hiking trails, light trails and parks. We also supply indoor lighting, primarily for industrial and office buildings. Our head office is located at Sotra outside of Bergen, where we have established a good collaboration with our surrounding municipalities. 

We have a broad expertise in automation and light control, and deliver everything from simple motion sensors to advanced control that automatically adapts the light to weater and traffic conditions. 

We deliver complete lighting systems to public and private actors, and are happy to collaborate with architects and landscape architects on the design of lighting and expression. We offer consulting, engineering and lighting calculations for small and large projects. 

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